Carol Silva, Livermore

If you haven’t voted yet, I encourage all eligible voters to please vote in this election.

I knew that women’s right to vote in elections, also known as women’s suffrage, was a difficult fight, but I hadn’t realized how long nor how very difficult this fight was until I watched a program on PBS.

Three past generations of women fought for the right of women to vote. They endured unpleasant prison life for peacefully protesting, were spat upon and beaten by on-lookers at their marches, were jailed, went on hunger strikes and were force-fed by their jailers, peacefully marched and protested in extremely cold, snowy, and wet conditions, and lobbied Congressmen, so that women can vote and make a difference.

What an incredible gift women suffragettes gave to future generations of women.

So, please vote in this important election. If voting seems time-consuming by trying to research the issues or candidates, vote on issues or for candidates that you feel comfortable to support.

I feel comfortable supporting Vinnie Bacon who is running for Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District 1.

A few weeks ago, I knocked on my neighbors’ doors to leave brochures about Vinnie Bacon with them. It was good talking to both neighbors that I knew, and it was nice to meet new neighbors. My next-door neighbor told me that he had already voted for Vinnie Bacon.

Another neighbor, one who I just met, asked me to give him a one-word response for the reason that I would be voting for Bacon. I said “ethical.” My response if this neighbor had asked me for a short phrase of support would have included, “smart growth and planned community development to balance jobs and housing.”

Also, Vinnie Bacon wants to protect open space, limit sprawl, improve housing affordability, and encourage investment in green jobs. These are just a few of the reasons why I am voting for Vinnie Bacon.

Please follow the voting instructions and review the County of Alameda’s Voter Information Guide for the different ways you can return your ballot. If you want to use the 24-hour drop box, they are located at Livermore City Hall, 1052 S. Livermore Ave.; at Dublin City Offices, 100 Civic Plaza; and at Pleasanton City Hall, 123 Main St.