If you still (huh?) believe anything that Dumald Trump says, feel free to refrain from reading this article. I believe that this column provides everyone the opportunity to either offer advice to our society or to denigrate any clearly disingenuous non-sentient pile of falsehoods and moronic speech.

When I retired from the U.S. Air Force, I changed my political party from Republican to Democrat for the simple reason that I was no longer being paid by the pro-military faction and hoped that some of the basic views of the liberals might someday be achieved. Of course, the speech and behavior of both parties since 2016 have caused me (and much of the U.S. population) to become disenchanted with the political process (and the old guard of Congress.) Which of the two groups are more cowardly is a question that a mere mortal cannot answer.

One fondly remembers even the presidency of Ronald Reagan over the layers of quicksand that have enveloped the Washington, D.C., environment. Actually, I would be happier if Bonzo the chimpanzee was the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces instead of the incompetent organic blob with the bone spurs. (Note that I joined the military even when I suffered with 20/200 vision and flat feet.) The ‘Perfect Storm’ Election of 2016 must not ever be allowed to reoccur.

At the very least, there should be a basic and non-exemptive requirement that all presidential candidates be capable of saying the word ‘origins’ and not use the word ‘perfect’ too much. Yes, that was a joke. But speaking frankly, I do believe that two items should be required for all candidates. First, that their past tax records (these documents are the property of the U.S. Government anyway after they have been filed) and medical history. If someone wishes to run for POTUS then they should be ready to face the national spotlight. It goes without saying that any incidents of questionable nature from their past should be produced and publicized.

Everyone. We need to do a better job of picking a president.