John Lawrence, Livermore

A huge thank you to the City of Livermore and the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District for creating and maintain our community’s exceptional trail and pathway system. Whether on foot, bicycle or pushing a stroller, we are fortunate that many of our walkways and trails were designed and constructed with extra width to better accommodate our mixed users. 

We are additionally fortunate to have an equestrian component for many of our Livermore trails. While intended for horses, this softer surface is much easier on dog paws and on our human joints. And who would have thought the COVID-19-driven spike in trail use and the need for social distancing would benefit from Livermore’s extra wide trails, walkways and equestrian paths?  

I also need to thank the East Bay Regional Park District for its strong role in supporting trails both locally and regionally. And a final and very sincere thank you to all our trial users who do such a great job with their polite social distancing and in keeping our pathways free of trash and doggie deposits.