Like mushrooms popping up after late Spring rain, Livermore has yet another “community” group — Citizens for a Central Livermore Park (do not be fooled—different Stetsons, same cowboys) that wants to waste thousands of taxpayer dollars on an unnecessary, costly election to trick Livermore voters into upending the City’s sensible Development Plan for the Downtown. This sad tiny group had their pride wounded when their (counter?) intuitive plans were politely rejected by both the Livermore Planning Department and our duly-elected representatives who spent countless hours examining their made-from-scratch, unprofessional proposals.

Plans ignorant of urban planning, traffic amelioration and hotel marketing do not deserve a reconsideration. Signing this new ballot measure would be a victory of incessant newspaper ad propaganda and manipulation over substance. Their ads tout “open space,” but their plan yanks the affordable downtown housing so necessary to some unspecified location—underground? Be wary, Pardee offered a "free" park, as well.