Patrick Weidhaas, Dublin

The entire world watched the shameful coup attempt by Trump and his followers last Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.

It was a violent rebellion, and its ringleader was Donald J Trump. Five people died, more than in Benghazi! Donald Trump is directly responsible for their deaths. Based on shameful lies, he tried to overturn a fair and legal election and finally he urged his goons "not to concede," "to fight and to fight harder," and not to take it anymore.

He knew they wouldn't - and they didn't. They stormed the Capitol, the precious seat of our government, and Trump praised them in tweets before he was banned from Twitter. Isn't it ironic that this is the man who called himself the "law and order president?" Law and order - as his rightwing, militant mob terrorized the Capitol and our lawmakers, and five people are dead.

I am curious what excuses some of your readers will manufacture now. You know, those readers who have passionately defended Trump and extolled his genius and his unparalleled contributions to America. Indeed, I would like to hear what readers who have been so outraged over Eric Swalwell and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in general think about their admired ‘law and order’ president after the terror attack of Jan. 6.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a video in which he reflects on the events of Jan. 6 - from the perspective of an Austrian immigrant who grew up after World War 2 (like I did in Berlin, Germany). I urge every American to listen to Arnold's video! He shows himself far more patriotic than many America-born Americans!