For about 3 months, we have been sheltering in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I shop during “senior only” hours, don my mask and gloves to pick up takeout dinners, and slowly watch my thinning hair becoming longer than it was during the 70s. I keep my distance during my walks in a local park, and I have to tolerate virtual meetings.

Meanwhile, prisoners were released by the thousands. We were dictated to by bureaucrats who determined what was “essential” or not. We were told what phase we were in, and lobbyists were banned in Sacramento so uninformed legislators could vote by proxy. We had to watch businesses large and small close.

And then George Floyd was killed by a group of policemen. This tragedy was witnessed by outraged citizens. Demonstrations began. Rage was directed against police departments nationwide. Almost forgotten was that the crime was committed by four policemen, not by entire police departments. All four have now been charged, but the riots had already started. The police were vilified, injured and killed.

Demands were made up to disband the police forces. Be careful what you wish for. We saw cities burning, many of the businesses that had survived the pandemic shutdown were destroyed and closed. Remember the new zero bail law? Arrest and send them home with a court date so they can riot tomorrow.

Here in California, the riots have morphed into demonstrations by 10s of 1,000s of citizens. I guess that we can now trash the planned reopening phases to contain the virus. Those of us who are in the target zone must watch while demonstrators crowd together, block traffic, and disrupt a city without a care about who gets sick. Forget phases 1, 2, or 3. Just open up everything. The Chase arena, Levi Stadium, Giant’s Park. We might as well just start the sports seasons without any restrictions on spectators.

We just might find that it makes no difference. The experts have been wrong about almost everything. But was it right to assume that there would be no risk to others in the demonstrations? Two more weeks to wait. Remember, a “right” means that others do not have to pay for it.