Eloise Hamann, Dublin

This is to express my pride of the Board for its priorities. They put climate first, but gave more than appropriate ear to the Nimbys and others as citizens of the county. Fortunately, while the dissatisfied often shout loudest in contrast with the silent majority, the Board put climate first, and as described by Independent reporter Larry Altman, they have taken further aggressive action to achieve carbon neutrality 5 years earlier than previously planned. Alameda county’s reduction of greenhouse gases by 30% by purchasing carbon-free electricity being double the original goal is noteworthy. Thanks are due to those who have signed up for clean electricity, especially those who chose 100%, as well as all of the cities who signed on board to give their citizens choice. And no to the mistaken idea that because we all get the same electricity that we may as well not sign up. It is true there are not different electrons going to those who signed up for EBCE than those that did not. However, the part of your bill that pays for the energy (as opposed to the transmission) goes to EBCE, who then seeks out carbon free sources. The more signups, the more money they have to invest in clean energy. Current and future generations are the benefactors.