Louie Hesemann, Livermore

Roman statues often portrayed Justice as blindfolded” because her judgments are supposed to be above personal opinion. In Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s public life, she held to this with one glaring exception. During the 2016 election, she publicly called Trump a “faker,” for which she later apologized.

This shows she was human. “To err is human.” And we, fellow humans, love her for this.

Her apology was not that she didn’t personally believe Trump was a “faker,” it was because she realized in her position, as a Supreme Court justice, she was not “being blind.”

Trump probably only called her “amazing,” when he heard she had died, because she had apologized, and in so doing, she had elevated him, though undeservedly. He always has remained a bully, but he glories in elevation through his opponents’ apologies, which he sees as their weakness.

A sculpture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg should not only depict her as blindfolded, but at the same time, it should show her holding her nose as well.