Andrew Bixby, Livermore

Can we please reduce the size, operations, and functions of Livermore Airport?

That is truly what at least 89,000 Livermoreans want. If you have any doubt, city council, please pose this question on the next voting ballot. You will have your answer, for real, no question about it!

So, let me explain why so many Livermoreans have become increasingly disgusted about what has been happening over the last 30 years at LVK.

It started off as a small airport, which only allowed small turboprops to fly there. We are talking Cessna 180s and Beechcrafts. Less than 200 HP engines, which put out a maximum sound disturbance level (SDL) of 75 dB. Well, slowly by slowly, first, one aircraft flight training school set up shop at LVK, followed a few years later by a second, and a few years later, by a third!

Then, we went to slightly larger turboprops, 300-4 to 00 HP, which produced 80 dB SDL. See how noise pollution can creep up slowly?

Then, in 2005, came the big, stealthy expansion of the jet terminal. Even though 1,500 Livermoreans marched on city hall, waving protest flags and chanting, “Do not expand LVK,” the city council mouthed words of appeasement at the time (2005). But by 2010, they stealthily allowed the jet terminal to get built anyway, and an FBO called Five Rivers Aviation to setup shop there!

So, by 2015, private jet charter flights using Lear jets and Gulf Stream jets started happening at LVK. These private jets have huge, powerful jet engines bolted to each side of their main body! Most Livermoreans have seen and heard them, because they fly right over Patterson Pass Road and Portola Avenue when they come screaming in to land at LVK! SDL = 85 dB average! And when they take off, they fly right over many neighborhoods in Pleasanton, really upsetting those residents.

So, now the Livermore City Council wants to allow yet another FBO, Kaiser Air, to bring Boeing 737 aircraft into LVK? We are talking SDL = 90 dB, guys! Plain and simple.

If the pilot needs to do an emergency abort during takeoff, he does not have the extra 1,100 feet to bring the airplane to a safe stop! It will careen right over Isabel Avenue and smack into the shopping complex across the street!

Livermore City Council, please reduce the LVK operations and noise!