Citizens, ask your city managers and the governor to forgive your gas taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes while the state is shut down. If you are one of those who lost his or her job because the state said close down, then you should not have to pay taxes during that time.

The city manager of Dublin still gets paid while small business owners are told to stay at home. That’s not right. Get out and defy the rules and go about your business.

What’s next? Because of the so-called greenhouse gas, will we be told to not drive our cars or heat or cool our homes? If you think this shelter-in-home crap is over, you better rethink. This was a test to see if you would follow the leaders we voted in.

Come November, send a signal of disapproval to the Democrats. Vote them out.

Don't forget the criminals that were let out of jail by the Alameda County district attorney. Yes, Nancy O'Malley, who said she was against it. If that's true, why did she not just say no? Because she is one of those who thinks we are just the little people and she is better than us.

Get off the couch and reopen your business.