Now that the Livermore City Council has voted to place the citizens' Central Park Initiative on the November 2020 ballot, the responsible role for the council is to await the vote of the people and not to place any more impediments in the way of the democratic process. This means no more development agreements or any other schemes that councilmembers might dream up in order to thwart the right of the voters to choose their preferred vision for the city center.

Waiting for the vote on the initiative doesn't mean a halt to all development, however. Construction on the I Street Garage and on Stockmen's Park can proceed as planned, as they are on both the council's preferred plan as well as on the Central Park Plan. These are the first items scheduled to be constructed, and that timetable will not be impacted by awaiting the vote on the Initiative. The council's job is to represent all of the people of Livermore, not just their cadre of supporters; they should wait to learn what all of Livermore wants for downtown and not undertake any further actions that will jeopardize the fair outcome of the election.