Donna Cabanne, Livermore

What is the status of Eden Housing Contamination? The city will send the results of the required additional testing to the Water Board in a few weeks. Based on testing results, the Water Board will tentatively approve a clean-up plan and issue a fact sheet explaining procedures, duration, etc. The public will only have thirty days to comment on the proposed clean-up. It is critical that all residents receive the fact sheet to be able to comment during the 30-day period. 

The costs of clean-up are likely to be more expensive if an underground garage is built at this site. Other clean-up alternatives, similar to those used to clean-up J cleaners before installing Stockmen’s Park, could be cheaper and require less monitoring. The Water Board does not have the ability to mail the fact sheet to all residents, but the city can and should. Please request a mailing of the Water Board contamination findings for Eden Housing be sent to all residents.  Email Mayor Woerner,; Bob Carling,; Trish Munro,,; Gina Bonanno,; and Brittni Kiick, 

Without the fact sheet, the residents will not be able to comment in a meaningful and informed manner. Also ask all council members to hold a hearing to clarify and explain the possible clean-up solutions and the costs of each alternative. The residents will pay the costs, we have a right to know the total price.