Carol Chargin, Livermore

There is obviously a huge conflict between the Livermore City Council and the Eden Housing Plan and citizens of Livermore represented by the Save Livermore Downtown group. Each group accuses the other of not being totally honest in its representations of the situation.

People not pleased with the Eden plan are accused of being insensitive and elitist. The Save Livermore Downtown people list problems, such as crowding and parking as serious problems not being addressed and that more low-income housing can be included if the housing project is moved to the north side of Railroad Avenue.

What is the truth? Both sides must meet with their respective lawyers and present actual data. Each side must present its numbers including costs. Can the low- income housing be moved with the number of housing units increased? Can a large central park be made part of the Save Livermore Downtown project? The decision will become a part of Livermore heritage. It is a vastly important decision, and the people of Livermore deserve to know the truth as best as it can be ascertained. These meetings must be recorded so both sides can know the truth!