I read with interest Shawn Larson’s letter of June 11 explaining that George Floyd’s true problem was not racial injustice but sex-based. Mr. Larson makes the argument that he was a man and men have long been discriminated against in the criminal justice system. Men have been oppressed for so long, and the writer points out many other aspects of life which are also unfair to men.

This suggests that not only should there be a Male Lives Matter movement, but that there are other groups with similar serious disparities. Consider insider trading. There are a disproportionate number of wealthy people being caught committing these crimes, while the financially disadvantaged are rarely accused. Rich Lives Matter. What about jaywalking? Rarely are the non-ambulatory arrested and charged. Ambulatory Lives Matter.

But in all seriousness, to claim a significant fraction of the injustice suffered by Mr. Floyd was due to him being a man is nonsensical. I am a man and I have never been fearful of any encounter I have had with law enforcement. The same cannot be said for many men (or women) of color.