Carol Garberson, Livermore

We urge people to attend the Livermore Planning Commission virtual meeting on Tues. April 20th at 7 pm to voice your concerns about the changes to the downtown Eden Housing plan. It was changed without any public input. The new plan cuts down the number of parking spaces to a number below the city’s own policy and decreases the amount of open green space that was supposed to be included between buildings for public use. It also greatly increases the footprint and height of the housing units and changes the income level for future residents in a way that will make them unavailable to teachers, firefighters and police.

The result of these changes means much less parking available in the public areas, since there won’t be sufficient parking in the housing units, more traffic on L St. and Railroad Ave. due to residents and their guests looking for parking, as well as the public trying to frequent businesses downtown. The open green space for public use, as well as for the apartment residents, will basically be limited to the small lawn area that you see there now, which is not much for a city park.

During the early planning stages, we were assured by both Bob Carling and Gina Bonanno that there would be a lot of open green space between buildings, which would be available for public use, similar to housing units in Menlo Park. That is not the case in this revised plan.

The tall buildings, limited parking, greater amount of paving and less open space make for an unattractive, crowded and inappropriate plan for the center of our downtown. Please urge the city council to work with Eden Housing to revise the plan for something that makes a more open, attractive and functional area, possibly moving at least some of the housing to another site and providing more parking and open green space on the current location.