California has scores of outlying counties and towns with trivial to no COVID-19 viral impacts. Most counties and municipalities at this late juncture should be setting their own parameters. Sacramento is bureaucratically out of touch with most communities. Our brilliant politicians and “experts” receive their pay checks on a regular basis and some have copious amounts of overpriced gourmet ice cream in their $40,000 freezers, whereas the hoi polloi remain forbidden from thriving and are losing what occupations they once had.

I spotted people at the beach yesterday and I say more power to them! Obey the never-ending colossally progressive fabricated “laws?” Please, we proclaim to be a “sanctuary state” and ignore immigration laws, so it appears we can select which laws we wish to obey and dispose of the rest.

But that is deemed insufficient, as some politicians conveniently dispense with the common sense they once may have possessed and advance no-bail laws to promote anarchy, letting criminals go free while they lockup the newly state-sanctioned “criminals” charged with going to work or going to the beach.

I am a senior, mask-less mostly, remodeling a home, out cycling 20 miles regularly, and getting on with life. Older seniors and people with preconditions, please continue to take precautions. For those who are fully healthy, but perpetually fearful, shelter-in-place, hide under the bed, and summon Grubhub. But, please, open up our society while we still have one to open. Haircut or perm anyone?