Dan Moore, Livermore

As a 48-year resident of Livermore, I am supporting the effort to move the 130 housing units to an alternative site across Railroad Avenue. Here are my reasons:

1. The revised plan leaves too little room for a central park, which will ultimately benefit all Livermore residents, not just the few who would reside there.

2. Moving the housing to a different location will eliminate the ‘canyon’ that would be formed with four-story buildings on both sides of L Street.

3. If moved, there could be room for more housing. The alternative plan is for up to 194 units, instead of 130 under the current proposal.

4. There would be more room for residents to park.

5. The alternative plan appears to be affordable, based on the assessment that uncommitted Livermore Affordable Housing Fees Fund totals $6 to $7 million.