Yes, the budget needs to be cut to protect the investment that teachers put into teaching. Start with Kelly Bowers.

As superintendent, she is paid a gross amount of money for the work she does for our relatively small school district. She is in the top 10 in pay for all school superintendents in entire state. There are dozens of significantly larger districts where the superintendent is paid significantly less than the $355,000, plus benefits, we pay her.

We also have an absurd number of assistant and deputy superintendents who can take a pay cut and go back to teaching. Total compensation for the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District 's 10 highest-paid employees last year totaled more than $2 million, with all of them in the district office as superintendents and directors.

District level positions were created for several poor performing school principals were created to protect them and to advance them into needless positions. We have about 10 secretaries at each high school, we have four vice principals at each high school. We have duplicate administration at each middle and elementary school.

Eliminate the waste in the district office and school offices. Let the teachers do what they do best – teach. How many secretaries and administrators at the school and district level do we need? Cut the fat at the top! Give the teachers the tools they need to teach and the salaries they truly deserve.