Maria De Luz, Livermore

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the Aramis industrial-solar power and battery-storage complex in North Livermore Valley against the opposition of many residents and environmental groups.

Now, those opposing this industrial project are seeking to convince a court to overturn this decision before it serves as a precedent for the construction of utility scale solar facilities throughout East Alameda County.

Approval of the Aramis and the neighboring Skywalker project, both private, for-profit energy companies, can set a precedent for other energy companies to sweep into our county to transform our agricultural land and open space into industrial zones dedicated to production of electricity for sale outside the county. 75% of the power the Aramis plant will generate is contracted to San Francisco utility customers.

San Francisco gets to go ‘green,’ while Alameda County loses its green, open space as it is turned into an expanse of silicon, glass and steel.

Please donate to the Save North Livermore Valley litigation fund to underwrite the expense of taking the county to court at