Richard Hughes, Livermore

After the huge, angry response of over 600 comments on in opposition to the Livermore Airport Commission’s petition to expand Livermore Airport to include Boeing 737 aircraft, I noticed that a ‘vocal minority’ aka Livermore pilots, were vehemently advocating for the LVK expansion.

That is truly laughable! Does this not create an implicit bias issue regarding pilot’s opinions about the expansion of LVK?

It would be like asking a chef if we should build more restaurants in downtown Livermore, so that he can significantly improve his job opportunities and income opportunities! Obviously, chefs are going to say, “Yes, yes, yes, please, please, please build more restaurants!”

But does that mean it is wise for the City of Livermore to authorize the building of more restaurants, just to satisfy the income opportunities and job opportunities of a few chefs? Obviously not!

So now, do we understand why it is almost silly for anyone to be taking the opinion of a few pilots seriously, or even the Livermore Pilot’s Association seriously, regarding this matter? For this very good reason, pilots who fly out of LVK should actually recuse themselves from expressing an opinion on this matter, and their feedback to the City of Livermore should be annotated with the stamp ‘implicit bias’ at every instance.

As any decent lawyer would assure any judge, implicit bias comments should be discounted accordingly, and judiciously ejected in any court of law.

What is thoughtful growth for 40 pilots, and for at the most 1,000 Livermoreans, such as the expansion of Livermore Airport to allow Boeing 737's to enter the arena may be very thoughtless growth for the remaining 89,000 Livermoreans! Do you see how this can get to be a matter of perspective? Don't you think that the Livermore City Council should be deciding to go with what the majority of the people want? And if not, why not? That is what democracy is all about, yes?

In fact, here is what we need to be demanding from our ‘wise’ and ‘all-knowing’ city council. Instead of having all five members of the Livermore Airport Commission be pilots, how about we have three members be non-pilot resident citizens of Livermore and only two members are allowed to be pilots, going forward? That would balance out the ‘implicit bias’ issue, even within the Livermore Airport Commission, now wouldn’t it?

Let's not expand LVK!