Mark Sobrepena, Livermore

Remember the inflationary 1980s and the incredible rising cost of material and resources. The prices we see now at the supermarket are just the beginning. Not only is this parking garage a bad plan, but a waste of taxpayer money when Livermore needs to keep the general fund fully stocked for this oncoming inflation cost. What about affordable housing, taking care of our community, and infrastructure repairs? This cost will certainly increase soon. We cannot expect continuous federal bailouts like the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) of $4.97M into our funds.

We need to stop this “loan expenditure”, which leaves the city at risk holding the bag on a loan that may not recoup the principal due to cost overruns. There are many reasons to stop this building - born from closed-door meetings - but another reason is the financial risk to Livermore and its services. As voters we need to tell the city council to have financial foresight and not just give away our future into bad debt.