Interesting juxtaposition between the Livermore City Council and the billion-dollar developer paying for all those “Yes on P” flyers. The developer’s flyers were very specific about a $40 million parcel tax that they claimed was needed if we didn’t vote for Measure P. But the city council is not pursuing a parcel tax. So, the “Yes on P” folks apparently invented an imaginary parcel tax to scare voters. It just doesn’t exist. The developer made it up, and then said it was a kickback.

What scare tactic do they trot out next? Why, a six-story high rise next to the Bankhead Theater due to "new state laws that require land near transit stations" to be turned over to developers with zero local control. Oh, the mendacity! Did they not know that SB50 is dead and gone?

Then the very wealthy developer says, in his paid flyer, that Measure P gets big money out of local politics. Since he brought it up, and if he wants to get it out, we could make a suggestion: If this made up insanity feels crazy, come back to reality. Vote “No” on P.