Join me and vote Karla Brown for mayor of Pleasanton. I supported Karla in her first two wins for City Council and now I support her for mayor. Karla has worked for eight years on the council, fighting for slow and smart growth policies, ridgeline and hillside protection, and safe and clean drinking water. She wants to preserve our charming downtown, and does not support converting downtown restaurants and shops into multi-story housing.

I often see Karla Brown and her friends supporting veterans and American Legion events in Pleasanton. She told me many members of her family have served in the military, including her father, who was an Air Force pilot in WWII, and her brother, who served in the Navy with a construction battalion in Viet Nam.

Karla supported the Wounded Warrior fundraiser at Wente Vineyards, and I often see her at the Veteran’s Hall with friends at events like Beer, Brauts and Bingo, Turkey Bingo, Bunny Bingo and more.

Karla Brown is a proven leader who loves Pleasanton and our veterans. She is the right candidate to serve as Pleasanton’s mayor.