Catherine Twesten, Livermore

This is an appeal to East Bay bicycle riders to be more considerate of their fellow humans. I am an East Bay bicycle rider. Not a serious one – no clip-on shoes, no colorful jersey, and I'm slow - but I do often ride popular routes like Patterson Pass or Mines Road. And I get passed a lot. Almost none of the people who pass me give any warning or any space.

Today I was passed by a guy wearing a jersey with an image of the "share the road" sign on the back. He gave no warning, which is rude in and of itself, but also gave me no time to cover my face with the bandana I was wearing around my neck before he passed barely a foot away from me (not wearing a mask).

If you expect drivers to treat you with respect, shouldn't you show fellow cyclists courtesy as well? Please, bicycle riders, be mindful that people might be startled when you pass, and more importantly in this time, they might not want to share whatever germs you are exhaling. Please say hi and give some space!