David Rounds, Livermore

The Sierra Club of San Francisco Bay is once again out of step with the local Tri-Valley Chapter.

In a letter last month to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors the Sierra Club of San Francisco Bay "quasi" endorsed the Aramis Solar Project in rural Alameda County. I say "quasi" because this endorsement seems to be more a piece of politics than a recommendation of environmental stewardship. The Sierra Club, while endorsing the project, also acknowledges that it has concerns about the biological impact of the project, the Environmental Impact Report is not done, and that the best way to do solar power in rural Alameda County is for the county to develop an overarching solar policy.

This all sounds like reasons an environmental protection organization would not endorse, at least for now, a controversial solar project. So, why did it endorse the project?

The letter from the Sierra Club also says that the project would provide electricity to help meet demand for air-conditioning in the county and that construction would create local jobs as part of a COVID -19 program.

Why is the Sierra Club endorsing a solar project to create jobs? Of course, creating jobs is a good thing, but this endorsement is "off mission" for the Sierra Club of San Francisco Bay and a slap in the face to those who support the Sierra Club because of its environmental work.