I read with considerable dismay Aly Brown’s comprehensive and excellent article on the closure of the Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare skilled nursing facility in Livermore. As a former board member of the Valley Health Care System before its acquisition by Stanford Health Care, I am aware of the pressures on hospital finances. Some hospital departments are profitable and some departments lose money. Apparently, the skilled nursing facility department at Valley Care was a money loser, but unfortunately management decided to use the fear of coronavirus infection in a skilled nursing facility environment to justify the shutdown. Rather than employ the corporate-speak smokescreen of coronavirus to obscure the true reason for the shutdown, management should have been more transparent and honest with the 44 staff members who were let go.

Adding insult to injury, a staff that had worked to achieve a CDC 5-star rating was given less than 24-hour notice. A month’s notice would have given staff opportunities to find alternative employment.

I hope that Stanford Healthcare management will exhibit a bit more humanity in their business decisions that affect the lives of both staff and patients.