For those of you who are impatient to get the downtown built out, or who are tired of sitting through endless city council meetings where we are told the east side hotel is the best location and everything will be wonderful with it there, but not told why – even though parking for residents and traffic for all will be much worse… for those of you who are tired of having signature gatherers ask you if you’d like to sign a referendum or initiative, and those of you trying to gather signatures who are tired of people being snippy because someone else across town has already asked them, all should take a deep breath, look around at the trees and sky, and count your lucky stars you live in this wonderful country where you have the freedom to participate in this process and can openly, hopefully politely, voice your opinion – whatever it is.

So try and be civil, maybe even kind and polite, and think of those lucky stars if you are asked again, or hear the same “nothingness” from city council. That being said, city council shouldn’t be snippy to the people who put them in office, or anyone else. They should be setting a proper example for our residents and our youth, not running around getting in peoples’ faces to try and prevent someone from signing what they want to sign.

Remember the saying “Rome was not built in a day.”