Deborah McQueen, Livermore 

Last Saturday, over 50 neighbors joined forces in a display of solidarity to sign petitions to support an initiative against California’s Senate Bills 9 & 10. UnitedNeighborsTriValley led the rally on the corner of Daisyfield Drive to reverse legislation recently approved by Sacramento lawmakers, allowing developers to build apartment complexes in suburban neighborhoods while overriding common-sense laws of safety and density requirements and infrastructure. Outraged neighbors witnessed firsthand an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), still under construction, which towers over the fence lines of surrounding neighbors, featuring large pane windows that look directly into neighbors’ backyards and inside their homes. The owner of the ADU spoke on video, and when asked, "Don't you think it would have been courteous to just notify your neighbors of what you were doing - as a good neighbor?" he replied, "Maybe, but that's water under the bridge." The ADU was built four feet from the fence line and does not have fire sprinklers due to grandfathered zoning laws. There is also no limit on the number of people who can live in the ADU.