Maurice Duenas, Livermore

Thanks be to John Stein for providing incorrect information that was published in his letter to editor last week. He told us that the sign law says signs can only be up for 35 days. There are certain people on NextDoor also complaining about election signs they think are up too soon and that there are too many. The reality is this. Marie Weber, the City Clerk told the people who were offended by the early signs this: “Please note: With early voting starting Oct. 10, 2022, that is considered the event day. Therefore, the first day campaign signs can be posted is Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. Please see Development Code sections 4.06.140 a (12) and b (2) related to the permitted times for placing campaign signs.” This is proof that the friend on NextDoor and our past city council member are not quite up to speed with the changing election cycles.