Mary Anne Rozsa, Livermore  

I keep hoping that there will be some action or movement on the part of the mayor and city council to come to the table to negotiate with the citizens of Livermore and Save Livermore Downtown. It is very evident from the number of letters that flood into The Independent that residents do not like the current plan for Eden Housing in our downtown core with multi-story buildings that will forever change the last land available for a generous-sized city park. 

I am asking the leaders of our community, the mayor and council, to consider what your legacy in the future will be if you continue on the path of ignoring the wishes of your constituents. I don't think it will be one of praise that you made our downtown a destination for our citizens and visitors, as it will be just high-density housing with slivers of green space and concrete.  

Now is the time for some serious thought, planning and negotiation to make the core of the city a place to enjoy open space, greenery, strolling, playing and enjoying the local restaurants and retail stores and, not to forget, the entertainment at the Bankhead and cinemas.