Eloise Hamann, Dublin

As California cities are banning natural gas in new construction, and a law that vehicles go electric by 2035, electrification will take hold, and we will require more electricity to run our homes and charge our cars.

If the increased demand is supplied by more fossil fuels, we will have gained nothing. Scientists believe that the point of no return has already been reached in terms of the melting of the Arctic permafrost.

Not wanting to reach other points of no return, I support the solar farms proposed for North Livermore. One project amounts to less than one square mile, but signs by nearby residents sport Save the Valley and imply ruin of the entire valley. Letters and editorials in this paper speak of views when the only good views are of the distant hills.

The proposed site is flat and appears barren in our current climate. What one sees is an electric power substation and a plot laden helter-skelter with pickups and machinery along the drive.

When challenged, those opposed speak of wild animals displaced. Maybe our family should move a panel from our roof to our yard, as we are constantly besieged with at least 10 different species on our Dublin property who have succeeded in getting into our attic and under our deck. I imagine salamanders will be able to get under solar panels.

Yes, we should be putting solar on roofs and parking lots, wherever possible, but we need to get as much renewable energy as we can, because our future depends on it. There is also an economy of scale to be considered. Renewable energy must be competitive.

We need to think globally. Adding more electricity to the mix helps us all no matter who gets the most electrons. We all breathe the same air

That said, I appreciate and sympathize that there will be disruption and traffic during the installation of the panels. Unfortunately, everything we humans do has consequences, positive and negative. Given our form of government, it takes an inordinate amount of time to institute needed action, a negative consequence of proceeding with caution.