J. P. Maille, Pleasanton

After living in many places over the years, Pleasanton is the first place I’ve called “hometown” since my childhood home in Massachusetts. I care about Pleasanton and want to keep it a great place in which to live. 

When I vote, I look for a candidate I can support on the issues I care most about. I look for a candidate who can listen and learn. Pleasanton will choose a new mayor in November and I’ll be voting for Karla Brown. 

On the local issues I care about, Karla has staked out clear positions I support: She’s pledged to not accept campaign donations from builders or developers. She supports “slow and smart growth” that minimizes in-town traffic issues and eases school overcrowding. Karla will protect our beautiful downtown and opposes replacing its low-rise restaurants and shops with multi-story housing. She knows that impacts to current Pleasanton residents from state-required housing mandates must be minimized. And Karla will continue to fight to preserve our scenic ridgelines, clean air, and safe drinking water.

 On Nov. 3, I’ll gladly vote Karla Brown for mayor because I care about Pleasanton. I care about these issues and I know Karla does too.