Karalee Brune, Livermore

The current study on the proposed solar-power project in North Livermore has my support. I know the area is designated a scenic corridor, but I have never found it to be the least bit scenic. It is barren land that I have never seen green. It is far different from our lovely vineyards visible from so much of town. I will confess that I seldom drive out that way, but only those on the edges of Springtown see it with any regularity. Solar Farms are low visibility. I have seen many solar-power farms in Southern California, and they were not an eye sore. The proposed solar-power farms here will also provide much needed employment and add tax dollars. Supplying a large chunk of our own clean electricity is also very appealing.

Mr. Scott’s letter claims the land is arable if we only get the right kind of seeds. Perhaps, but I have lived here 45 years and it is still the same flat, unattractive land. Are these seeds economically affordable?

There is another great reason to have solar-power farms. I do not trust Alameda County to leave the land empty indefinitely. In a vacuum, empty land that close to the Bay Area will be filled by affordable housing. Our BART parking lots are being taken over for housing. Another possibility is that the county chooses to approve wind turbines, which kill my beloved raptors and migrating birds. Even the newer turbines are opposed by the National Audubon Society.

Livermore is naïve if it thinks that we can keep the land empty forever!