Mary Davis, Livermore

Reading the Independent on Christmas Eve, I was appalled to read the incredibly vicious attacks on Eric Swalwell.

None of these attackers offered any real evidence whatsoever. A photo standing next to a Chinese woman? Come on!

Having known Eric since he was first running for Congress in 2012, we respect his integrity and his desire to help the nation. Eric would never succumb to any attempt to compromise him. Why would he? He is happily married to a lovely young woman.

How many of you accusers have met Eric? Ever listened to him talk about the important issues facing the nation? He is known by his peers for doing a great job in Congress, often reaching across the aisle to form a more productive and bipartisan Congress. How many Republicans can you name who are doing this?

It sounds to me like, for many of you, Eric’s greatest crime is that he is a Democrat.