Stan Adams, Livermore

Many people may not be familiar with Friesman Park. It is not necessarily a “play” park because the lawns are relatively small and there is no playground equipment, but it is a nice place to relax and get some exercise. 

It opened a few years ago adjacent to the San Francisco Outlets on Jack London Boulevard in Livermore.  It was beautiful when it opened and a nice open area to walk.   I hadn’t been there recently because I have been enjoying the longer trails at Sycamore Grove, but when Sycamore Grove closed due to the fire, I went back to Friesman Park to exercise.

I was amazed how the park had deteriorated in the year since I was there last.  If you drive into the parking lot, it looks nice with well-tended lawns and some picnic tables, but as you walk past the park entrance and along the walking trail it changes very quickly. On my recent visit I found a lot of plants have died and not been replaced, trees with dead limbs, tall weeds in what used to be landscaped areas, the asphalt walking path is badly cracked and the waste containers were full. 

Now the land behind the park has been developed and two new hotels are about to open. The park will be directly across from the entrance of the new Residence Inn. Is this the image of Livermore we want to present to those visiting our city?  I believe this park should be maintained properly for both residents and visitors to enjoy.