Laurene Green, Livermore

I would like to invite readers to take a look at our TVAQCA 2nd ANNUAL AIR QUALITY SURVEY (Tri-Valley Air Quality Community Alliance). We are a relatively new organization of community leaders, scientists, and supportive individuals. Our mission is to understand our local air quality using the latest scientific methods and data, to ask residents and workers how they experience air quality (the Survey), to communicate our findings (at various forums and events), and to solicit mitigation ideas (the Survey). We were able to action some of our findings from last year’s survey and hope to do the same this year. As an example, we found that many residents were concerned about pollution and noise from lawn and garden equipment, so we created a grant program and held a forum. Last year’s survey focused on outdoor air pollution, this year’s focuses on indoor air pollution. We do track general responses from year to year for a handful of questions, but never specifically individual responses.

Please take 10 minutes to fill out the Survey; you can find it at   

And, if you are interested in learning more about the TVAQCA, please visit our website at, or email us at Thanks, we hope to hear from you!