Bill Leach, Livermore

Perhaps, the Downtown Plan is not looking far enough into the future. Livermore is now at about 90,000 residents, and within a generation is likely to become a town of 150,000. Sounds like a stretch, but at a modest 2% per year growth rate, in 25 years you are near 150K. Where to house so many, and what you want your central area focus to look like then, deserves thought now. We can build housing close to downtown all we want, filling in park land, packing people into four-story buildings, but that is not enough to house the additional 50K+ new residents and it comes at the cost of the central open space we currently like. Might it not be better to keep our Downtown area a magnet for citizens, providing space for strolling, eating, entertainment, and shopping, and put housing around the north and east sides of town? Once the central open space and chance for small-business expansion is occupied with housing, the chance for a pleasant center-of-town experience a generation from now is lost. To second Jay Davis' suggestion of last week, that means undoing the agreement with Eden, keeping Lucky Block for community use -- and it also means that we the citizens and leaders look decades ahead, gradually acquire land, and keep our eye on what we want our kids and grandkids to have if they are lucky enough to live here.