I was moved by the editorial in The Independent on Jan. 16: Saving Butterflies.

The Calhoun sisters are to be commended for their major step in protecting monarch butterflies that come to our area, whose numbers continue to decline. Human-caused climate change and habitat loss are now threatening North American monarch butterflies with extinction. This is a very serious situation. Doing some research on these beautiful creatures may be very enlightening.

The ground the Calhouns have planted with milkweed will attract these beautiful butterflies to our area, where they can propagate in their favorite, necessary habitat for their survival.

I would also encourage the City of Livermore to consider providing this type of habitat, which would attract these butterflies, in existing and planned garden areas surrounding new buildings/businesses, such as the downtown City Plan and possibly at the new City Council Building on Pacific Avenue. Suggestion is to use less useless green lawn and more useful habitats for these, and other, major pollinators that provide needed purpose to the environment.

You can find an informative article on butterflies and milkweed if you to go to the wildlife.org website and search on: “The return of monarch butterflies: Protection and restoration of milkweed habitat.”