I am writing this letter to thank the Livermore City Council, Mayor and City of Livermore staff for all of their tireless efforts on the downtown plan. While I haven’t always agreed with all of their decisions all of the time, I am steadfast in my support of the downtown plan and the Council’s community outreach efforts. They have also had to endure countless personal attacks on their integrity and character.

I am sure the Councilmembers must be frustrated, as I know I am, with the small group of dissidents who are causing endless delays with the downtown plan that has already been approved. They are attempting to push their own Central Park plan.

This small group has paid signature gatherers to provide misleading and deceitful information to Livermore voters, thus qualifying an empty Central Park plan for a ballot vote. How the Mayor and Council can listen to the blather of these folks pushing their own agenda is beyond me.

The result of these individuals’ actions will delay implementation of a good plan and will cost the City more money. It’s my opinion that this group is hoping nothing will get built, which is not good for the City and our downtown.

That would be a shame due to all of the work that has gone into the process, including an extensive process allowing for public input. The time for additional input and alternative plans has long passed. While the approved plan is not perfect, it is an excellent plan that addresses the needs of many different groups and will benefit the majority of Livermore residents. Not so Central Park plan, which includes high-density housing and other components that are not supported by the majority.

I just want to encourage the Mayor and Councilmembers to stay the course and keep doing what they are doing and moving forward with the approved plan. I am proud to be represented by the Mayor and Council who are doing what is best for Livermore, rather than acquiescing to a small minority of vocal residents. Again I say, “Thank you!”