Thank you, Livermore, for coming out in such great numbers on Friday evening, July 12, in support of humane treatment of babies, children and adult refugees at the Lights for Liberty Vigil.

Thank you to Angela, a Dreamer, for being our gracious mistress of ceremony and telling her own story. Thank you to speakers, Ruth Gasten, Co-Founder of Interfaith Interconnect, Kathy La Point Collup, Pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church, Spojmie Nasiri, Immigration lawyer from Pleasanton, and Trish Munro, Livermore City Council member. Thank you also to Bob Woerner, Livermore City Council member, who made brief remarks in support of this effort. All spoke movingly and with conviction about the inhumane treatment and conditions these refugees endure in the camps in our country. Some shared personal experiences as refugees themselves, others reminded that such treatment is contrary to the basic tenets of Christianity and Judaism.

For me, the evening was very moving and the music and singing led by John Hughes and Cathy Griggs were a big part of that. I thank them also for volunteering and leading us all in song.

I am proud of our city coming together in such numbers to support our basic values: that human beings, no matter where they are from or how they got here, should be treated with dignity and decency.

If you were unable to attend the event, or attended but did not get the information provided, and you would like to help in some way, please consider the following ways:

Contact your elected representatives:

Senator Diane Feinstein, 202-224-3841 (DC), 415-393-0707 (San Francisco) @SenFeinstein

Senator Kamala Harris, 202-224-3553 (DC), 415-981-9369 (San Francisco) @KamalaHarris

House Rep Eric Swalwell, 202-225-5065 (DC), 510-370-3322 (Castro Valley) @RepSwalwell

Check out these organizations who help migrants and donate:

American Immigration Council:

Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project:

Kids in Need of Defense:

One Nation AAPI:

Refugees and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES):

Although this event provided an opportunity to come together in solidarity for human decency, it does not change what is happening. It is a call to keep paying attention, and to take action and make our voices heard. Please let your voice be heard.