On April 11, the Livermore Police Department did a minor decoy sting on 30 businesses in Livermore. On the next day, they told us on LPD Facebook and Nextdoor that five businesses failed the test and sold alcohol to minors. I think it's important we learn the places that do good and the ones that sell to children. I sent an email to the chief asking for details on who passed and failed, and the people arrested.

LPD had mix ups about sending me the information and it got delayed, but they were very good about sending me all the records of the businesses that passed and failed and the arrested people. There were five people arrested, and five businesses given tickets for the sales.

I think it's very good that LPD has done this and I hope that the places that sold the alcohol are closed and stopped for a long time, and that arrested people learn their lesson with large payments for tickets. I do not want my children to be able to go to stores or places to eat and get alcohol.

I suggested to Chief Harris that they tell us right away on Facebook and Nextdoor about the businesses that passed and failed and those that get arrested instead of having to send an email, as this is the public's right to know, and not to wait a long time. I had to wait to get the names. Chief Harris says, “Yes, I understand your question and agree with you. In the future we will try to provide more specific information to the public relating to the outcome of operations targeting the selling of alcohol to minors.”

I thank the LPD for cooperating with us and keeping us informed on the bad and good things in detail, and mainly for protecting our children and society.