In these dark, secluded and troubling times, it’s great to know we have a wonderful community that is willing to step in and fill a void. Instead of finding a way to have a fireworks show from another location, shot higher into the sky so that all could see the show from anywhere in the city (and thus maintain social distancing), Livermore chose to cancel its annual fireworks show. Gilroy, Tracy and other cities in the region did, but Livermore chose to ignore our patriotic and even human needs. 

Thankfully, we had hundreds of great neighbors all across the city willing to spend their own hard-earned money and bring joy and delight to the rest of us by providing smaller, although at times very spectacular, fireworks shows. From our home at an elevation above the valley floor, we were able to see many of the mortar-type launches and aerial displays from both our front and back yards. 

Some of our fun and joy was trying to guess from which direction the next set of explosions would come, as you could never tell. The loud and deep concussive booms were wonderful, too; gave you a warm feeling deep down in the gut. Some of the bursts we saw rivaled those that we have been used to seeing from Robertson Park or from the top of the downtown garage. Bravo! 

Thank you, Livermore police, for allowing all of this to occur with minimal intervention. It appears that police responded to very few calls about fireworks, and initial reports indicate there were no citations written or fireworks-related arrests. From what I read online, people who wanted to complain were not even able to get through to the police, as the phone lines were not being answered. 

Thank you, Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department for your response to a few vegetation fires in the city that occurred because of some misguided souls playing with fireworks in dry areas. This might be a great time for Livermore to bring back the special safe zones we used to have so that everyone could bring their fireworks to a non-flammable area and set them off. 

Thank you all for sharing your patriotism, display of freedom, and love of America. Thank you especially for your love of our great community and helping all of us - your neighbors - have the celebration that we enjoy and deserve each year.