This is an interesting letter to write, since I'm sending it before we head to the polls, but you'll be reading it long after results are known. However the election turns out, I first want to thank each of you who voted regardless of your choices. Our ability to do so is only important if you each take advantage of it. Your filled circle, next to all the others out there, is significant. To fill in the circle, you read, you listened, you talked with neighbors and maybe debated the options.

Voting isn't a single task of filling in a circle, it is a process of learning more about your community, city, and nation, and the values that you, and others, think are important. That's really why voting matters. For this election, I’ve been actively working on “No on P,” so an extra thanks to all of the people who supported “No on P” and those who volunteered to help.

Volunteers, on this and in all the places where they pop up, are the life blood of a community. To those who disagreed on Measure P, I hope we all stay focused on keeping Livermore a wonderful place to live and visit, balancing the inevitable growth with the values of open space, cultural exploration, and a community that ranges from micro-startup companies to sprawling vineyards, from valued retirees to families just wiggling down roots. Thanks to each of you.