Mick Hanou, Pleasanton

I appreciate The Independent articles keeping us advised of the pandemic’s progress in our communities.

Unfortunately, we are now in a severe lockdown due to the rising caseload as a result of the parties or gatherings many had over Thanksgiving.

The Valley communities had this somewhat controlled with responsible people wearing masks and distancing. Residents were able to enjoy the accommodations (like outdoor dining) made by our towns to support restaurants and other small businesses. I’m over 65 and, except for grocery shopping and an occasional take-out meal (fully protected), have been isolating since March because COVID could kill us.

We are suffering from pandemic fatigue and can’t enjoy what we did in the past, so the parties make me especially angry. Now, because of the irresponsibility of those who decided to “party” over Thanksgiving, our health system and workers are severely stressed, businesses are suffering, and people are getting sick and dying.

I say to those who caused this - you stupid, socially irresponsible, reprehensible, ignorant-of-science, uncaring of those at risk, selfish, stupid people. The virus does need to be taken seriously, and you’re only helping it spread, causing suffering and killing people.

I thank health care workers, grocery employees, postmen, delivery services, and others who are trying hard to keep our society functional for their efforts and concern.