My name is Nancy Bankhead and my family gave the money for the naming rights to the Bankhead Theater. It was a gift to my mother, Evelyn Bankhead, who has since passed. She loved the arts. I went to many concerts as a child at Livermore High School. It was the only place in Livermore with an auditorium. Now we have a wonderful place: the Bankhead Theater.

I have been to many city council meetings over the last two years. At the last two meetings, I was very upset about what was said about the leadership of the Bankhead. It was horrible! The Bankhead is one of the BEST things that ever happened to Livermore.

Scott Kenison, the day-to-day manager, works very hard to get great shows into the building. He brings some of the best talent to Livermore.

Many things have been said at city council meetings that are misleading. Referendums and initiatives are tearing us apart. Some city council members, Bankhead (LVPAC, Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center) board members and community members have put the Bankhead in the middle of a political fight! That is not right. The Bankhead is not a place for politics; it is a place for the ARTS.

I for one decided, I do not want to be a part of this. As of last Thursday, July 25, I resigned from the board of directors of LVPAC, operators of the Bankhead Theater.

The downtown should bring the community together. The people of Livermore should not be torn apart by this.