Hendrick Lo, Dublin

Health conditions associated with air quality rank among Alameda County’s leading causes of death, and these negative health impacts are particularly acute in its lower income areas. Decarbonizing our electrical grid is crucial to improve air quality and these attendant health outcomes. This decarbonization is achievable through well-designed solar projects sited with the environment and local community in mind. To achieve these local air-quality goals and attain California’s 100% renewable energy objectives, the California Public Utility Commission estimates we’ll need at least 158 additional gigawatts of solar power by 2050, 123 gigawatts of which must come from ground-mounted, utility-scale solar.

Intersect Power’s hope is for the Alameda County community to join us in reaching these goals. The Aramis Project is our proposal for 100 megawatts of solar generation and energy storage in the North Livermore area. The project is currently undergoing a thorough environmental review, where all impacts and mitigation measures are extensively studied. The project will cover 410 acres of severely impaired agricultural lands with no access to water and extremely limited potential to be productive.

The project, located immediately adjacent to a substation to access the grid, will power 22,500 Bay Area homes with clean, local, renewable energy each year and provide up to 400 living-wage union jobs. This project has been carefully sited and designed with local community priorities and values in mind and to minimize environmental impacts. It will protect floodplains, enhance local wildlife habitat, and employ honeybee friendly plantings. Abundant new landscaping, visually appealing fencing, and generous setbacks will soften and enhance the view for cyclists and motorists traveling the nearby roads.

Through these environmental enhancements and by offsetting 188,000 metric tons of CO2, the Aramis Project moves California closer to achieving a decarbonized economy and a healthier environment.

The Intersect Power team has and will continue to go to great lengths to speak one-on-one with our North Livermore neighbors so that we may understand and alleviate potential concerns about the project. We are a Bay Area company and are eager to work together with the North Livermore community to address concerns and improve the project.

Our proposal has been designed to be a low-impact, high-value project that will make a substantial contribution toward the pursuit of our local, regional, state, and national environmental goals. Please visit www.intersectpower.com/aramis to learn more, or contact us directly at aramis@intersectpower.com to discuss how we can work together.