I am dyslexic! Please keep that in mind in case you wish to read the rest of my letter.

I moved to Livermore on Oct. 4, 1959. Not long after becoming established in our community, I was offered a volunteer position on the Beautification Committee. It was a great experience and I learned about Livermore, it's culture, it's Movers & Shakers, and City Hall protocols. In time, I became either active in or supportive of numerous other organizations. The Camera Club, the Valley Concert Choral, Cask and Mask, all provided exciting and stimulating people and their artistry. I was pleased to be asked to join the board of the Symphony, and years later, the board of the Livermore Art Association.

I have known (and revered) Joan Seppala and her devotion to this community since the very beginning of The Independent. I have known Mayor John Marchand and his commitment to making our city the very best it can possibly be (and was pleased and honored to serve with him on the very first Commission for the Arts). Because the Art Association and the Heritage Guild share space in the Carnegie Building, I have had the pleasure of many, many hours of contact with Jeff and Loretta Kaskey. I have known and worked with the tireless Jean King and her enthusiastic support for the arts. And I, and my wife, have known Clark and Kathy Streeter for close to 50 years. These Livermore citizens are on both sides of the issue that is tearing our city apart. And I love and care for every single one of them.

I will not ask you to vote or support one position or another until you have thoroughly studied the issues and made up your own mind. Because the job of a dyslexic is to build bridges, that is what I'll be trying to do as we move toward election time.