Deborah McQueen, Livermore

I would like to thank Jay Davis for his letter on October 7th. In his brief but important letter entitled “Down the Garden Path”, Mr. Davis explains why he believes the current Eden plan for the old Lucky site no longer resembles the original approved plan, “and is an unacceptable use of a potentially lovely site.” It will create permanent damage to the downtown core of Livermore, because “the present concept more resembles military barracks or prison housing than attractive [apartments].” He advocates for the city and the citizens to work together to devise a plan for moving the housing to another location, terminating the Eden contract, if necessary, to “free the site and make it available for better community use.” If the housing is moved across the street, more units could be built, thus serving a larger population from within the affordable housing sector, and a beautiful downtown park can be created for all the citizens of Livermore to enjoy. By working together, “both public use and low-cost housing can be had downtown.” Thank you, Jay Davis, for being willing to support “the Garden Path” Less Traveled.