Dear Members of City Council and City Staff,

I regret that I am unable to deliver this message to you in person.

I have known Joan Seppala for many years. And while I haven't always agreed with her, I have never doubted her sometimes fierce attachment to her chosen city and place of residence. No matter what the topic or question, she consistently (and actively) supported what she understood to be the best long-term solution for the City of Livermore.

Transportation, open space, hospital, entertainment, all these and many, many more are challenges which she met again and again, head on!

I personally appreciate an informed debate by knowledgeable adherents. But I decry and am saddened at the hurtful, hateful comments that unfortunately reflect the tenor of the current discussion surrounding the development of downtown Livermore.

I urge members of Council and City Staff to set the standard for an informed, lively debate on the merits and the minuses, of what will determine the appearance and functionality of our Fair City for the next half century.