Back around 1969, a Black man calling himself the "Voice of Watts," and supposedly sponsored by the John Birch Society, gave a talk at East Ave Middle School in which he expressed pretty much the same concerns as Owen Brovant in his June 25 letter to the editor.

The Voice claimed that everything done, and everyone working to help Blacks in this country, were communist. He even alleged that Presidents Truman and Eisenhower were communist. At that time Russia was the enemy.

I would like to believe that history is heading toward a better tomorrow for all people. But it disheartens me that every time Blacks try to take a step forward, to attain equal footing in pursuit of the American dream, and to take our place in the American history books, this type of argument surfaces.

Brovont's history fails to tell how Columbus, guided by experienced Black navigators, the Nino brothers, discovered America. Juan Nino was the owner of the Nina, and Pedro Alonso Nino was navigator aboard the Santa Maria. These brothers were sailors with prestige and experience in Atlantic travels before participating in Columbus’s first and subsequent voyages to the New World.

Brovont’s history also fails to recognize where the name California comes from and that many of the streets in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities are named after Black cowboys who led wagon trains westward. Around 179,000 Blacks fought on the side of the Union during the Civil War with 40,000 deaths, and Blacks have fought in every war since then to defend this country. Yet, articles like Brovant's make us suspect.

We would be naive to not recognize that in any movement there will be elements that attempt to infiltrate and redirect the effort. The government plays a role in this regard also. And maybe the Voice and Brovant were right and the new strong leader, President Trump, has stepped forward to offer a new solution. He has achieved control of the country and seems to fit the established criteria. So, are he and his team the agent provocateurs of which Brovant speaks and is